Price list


16X20 $2240 20X24 $3360 24X36 $6050 30X40 $8400 36X48 $12100 40X50 $14000 44X60 $18500

Why a Master Oil Painting?

In fine art, the term ‘Old Master’ traditionally refers to great European painters practicing during the period roughly 1300-1830. A modern artist can never be categorized as an ‘Old Master’ but by using traditional oil painting methods we can duplicate how the Masters painted. If you are a lover of art or one who frequently visits art museums you’ll know that oil paintings has a long and rich history. Between the high cost of oil paints, the consuming time it takes to create a piece and the high quality of painting that oil creates, it’s easy to see why oil comes with a more prestige title than other mediums.Oil paintings are higher in price because they are created by a skilled and experienced artist. All paintings are Limited Edition and limited to 1/1- each painting receives a Certificate of Authenticity and artist signature. Sizes of original paintings vary and all oil paints are of top professional quality (highest quality pigments and triple milled for smooth texture). All paintings are on linen (fabric is single primed, fine, heavyweight 100% Belgium linen and its woven to the highest standards with a uniform weave).


16X20 $680 20X24 $700 20X30 $740 24X36 $790 30X40 $870 40X50 $1180 44X60 $1300

Why purchase a Glicee print?

The Glicee process creates prints with unprecedented colour accuracy, image quality and archival permanence. It’s an affordable way to make art that come extremely close to matching the original. Prints are created with a 7-colour printing process using pigment-based inks and are made on 100% acid free museum quality, ph buffered paper. The fine art paper combined with the pigment-based ink has an archival colour stability of 150 years. Your glicee prints will last for generations if properly protected and cared for. Each glicee print is custom-made combining state of the art digital technology with traditional printmaking skills. Glicee prints meet the discerning print collector’s standards for colour image quality and image stability. In the art world glicee prints are gaining in investment values. Their superb beauty and unparalleled archival permanence cause them to become a collectable commodity in the market for fine art prints. All prints are Limited Edition and limited to 1/1 which makes the print exclusive and therefore more valuable. It is my commitment that no other reproduction of your image will be made. Each print receives a Certificate of Authenticity and artist signature. Alternatively, prints come rolled in a sturdy tuber package and shipped with a 1.5’ bright white border, and ready to be framed.